Women T-shirts

T-shirts for all your fashion needs:

Plain cotton T-shirts are the cornerstone of the majority of our image collections here at Gianni Salvatore. Street wear came to characterize the period of the realistic plain cotton t-shirts, with now-heritage brands. Shop the latest scope of t-shirts from our street wear heavyweights, just as ordinary staple tees with sustainable styles from all over. Whatever is your t-shirt inclination, you’re certain to think that it is here at Salvatore.

Why choose the Gianni women T-shirt collection?

One of our most popular pieces at Gianni Salvatore is the women’s t-shirt. Super comfortable and easy to wear, we make it tough for you to say no with generous offerings like nicely tailored shoulders, a more than generous cut in length, and cool features such as logos in the front or printed tees. Once you go with this style of shirts there is no going back!

What we have to offer:

Sometimes when people who are looking for something that will be perfect for every day wear come into our stores they want basic—nothing fancy. This fabric blend gives us an option that’s still stylish and professional without too much flash: solid color shirts made from cotton and polyester blended fabrics teamed up with your choice in combination colors or woven stripes.