Women Twinsets: The new fashion statement

Our Salvatore twinsets are the perfect balance of both comfort and style for any day. You’ll find just what you need here at Gianni Salvatore. And with each collection release, we offer two colors or occasions to make it easy to pick out what’s best for you!

Why choose Gianni Salvatore’s Women’s Twinsets collection? 

Gianni Salvatore’s new line of twinsets has everything you’re looking for: stylish details, breathable fabrics and excellent craftsmanship. We think that if you wear Gianni Salvatore Twinsets, then your Valentines date is guaranteed to go well!

Why choose our twinsets:

With a sporty feel and a high-imagination, the women twinsets from Gianni Salvatore are perfect for all seasons. They have amazing qualities that last even if you wear them three days in a row. This is perfect for those who need layers with lots of style without making compromises.